UYFL National Football Divisions

National Division Age & Weight Program

United YFL National Division Age & Weight Program:
DivisionDescriptionAge: as of (July 31st)Max Stripped Weight

Pre-Game Weigh-In Must Be Conducted Prior To Each Game

** This level has an unlimited weight limit with age and grade restrictions

*This level is an Instructional Division:
instructional divisions can be configured to best fit your local area/participants, this chart is just a recommended
guideline as this division is for the youngest entry level players and is intended for instruction only.
5-6-7 95 lbs
Mitey Mites   7-8-9 105 lbs + 5 lbs
Cadets   7-8-9, 10 O/L 115 lbs + 5 lbs
95 lbs + 5 lbs
Jr. Pee Wee   8-9-10, 11 O/L 125 lbs + 5 lbs
105 lbs + 5 lbs
Pee Wee   11 and Under, 12 O/L 140 lbs + 5 lbs
120 lbs + 5 lbs
Jr. Midget   12 and Under, 13 O/L 160 lbs + 5 lbs
140 lbs + 5 lbs

All American Unlimited Weight Program

United YFL All American Unlimited Weight Program:
DivisionDescriptionAge: as of (July 31st)Grade Level Restrictions
United youth football strongly supports school football programs and will encourage all participants to join their local school team over any youth league. Grade based programs may participate in the levels they fall into based upon their oldest player’s age as of July 31st.
6 Under
  6 None
8 Under   8 None
10 Under   10 None
12 Under
(Dvision I & II)
  12 None
14 Under
(Dvision I & II)
  14 None

Conference All-Star Program

United YFL Conference All-Star Program:

Age: as of (July 31st)

Max Stripped Weight

The conference all-star program was created to allow the older participants, those leaving youth football, the opportunity to travel and experiance participation in a national tournament.  It will allow some better understanding and friendships to develop and require coaches from different organizations the opportunity to work together to further the objective of providing and giving back to the youth of their communities.  It should be understood that while the participation is in a championship format it is the exposure and experience being offered to the kids that is the most important feature of this effort.  Winningis the result of the contest the reward is the wisdom one will gain from this opportunity.

Cheerleading teams assembled in any form are welcome to come and cheer for their team on the sideline.

  14 and Under None
Open   15 and Under None

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